Welcome to WebKraft

We are the engineers of creativity in most of the fields of computers applications. Since Computer applications have varied fields and daily new developments are in progress. The injection of new technology has streamlined the most of the fields of life. We are really indebted to those who have worked hard to speed up the information technology revolution.

We are the people who really want to welcome the need of information technology. It is the gift from Allah from his secrets of his nature.

WebKraft tries to serve the best in the field of web based technologies which are in great need. We have the following main services in the field of IT.

Computer Hardware maintenance center

Computer Hardware Maintenance Center

We repair CPU, UPS, Monitor, Printers, Scanners, Digital Camera, Hard disk and other accessories of computers.

Annual Maintenance Contract is also available from us. The government offices and Private organizations are also being dealt by us.. We have the list of satisfied clients. We are dealing with the degree colleges, intermediate colleges, schools in the field of computer maintenance.

Web based solutions

Web Based Technology is our another field of specialization

Organizations presence on web is another today's essential requirements. The government policy on IT is for the purpose to make transparency in all the fields concerned with public. Education, Welfare, Health, security, administration, information, distribution, sales, marketing etc are now becoming essentially transparent. New age of information technology is going to sit on the cyber space. We offer our services to all such sectors.

social services  

WebKraft also offer educational upliftment for the weaker sections of society. we offer hardware education to the needy and deserving students from all sections of society irrespective of religion, race, caste, creed.